WLUK FOX 11 11-1
Owner: LIN Television Corporation
Call Letters: WLUK
VHF/UHF Channel: 11
Affiliation: FOX
FCC License Info: View
Website: http://www.fox11online.com
Station E-mail:
Station Phone: 9204948711

Technical Specs: 720p HD | Dolby Digital 5.1
Studio/Office Location
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787 Lombardi Avenue
Green Bay, WI 54304
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Lee Ann Goodman's picture

I called your news center

I called your news center and apparently the interest level is 0 to showing the GOOD our service men do for the humanity of the Iraqi people as they never called back. Corey LaFontaine who goes to Fox Valley and Oshkosh college lives in Oshkosh. His cell phone number is 906-282-3218 and the News article was picked up by the Iron Mountain News. The young boy is Hasan and the contact is Helen Salan, Director of Healing the Children/Michigan Ohio Chapter 2140 44th St. SE Suite 105 Grand Rapids, Mi. 49508 616-281-6973
When I contacted Kagen's office last August, I was blown off, but Corey and the other soldiers from the 46th wouldn't take no for an answer so we kept calling and making contacts until my daughter and Corey's Sargent's mother succeeded finding the above organization. I just wanted to get it in writing that you know about the story. Hasan will be operated on for his serious heart condition at the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital Congenital Heart Center in Grand Rapids Michigan on May 6th. Sincerely Lee Ann Goodman

Anonymous's picture

Seriously, it's not going to

Seriously, it's not going to kill you if you keep it free.

Anonymous's picture



justsaynotolintv's picture

Keep it free or shut down

Keep it free or shut down your over-the-air transmitters so EVERYONE has to pay for your content. And you people at WLUK have the nerve to call yourselves 'Fair and Balanced'? Oh wait, I get it...you're only fair and balanced if I give you money for your content that my neighbor gets for free over-the-air. Ahhh, I got it now...boy was I stupid!


Anonymous's picture

I am glad your back on . I

I am glad your back on . I miss the little laugh I get form P ete and Rachiel . and everyone eles.

Anonymous's picture

Channel 11 is freezing and

Channel 11 is freezing and pausing with no sound/// whats going on///

Bradly's picture

Looks like it might be a

Looks like it might be a network problem. WJBK in Detroit is in SD as well.

Brenda Davies's picture

So you messed up couldn't

So you messed up couldn't watch the game we don't live in green bay and can't get 51 on dish please tuyrn the bowl game back on.

gsdlady's picture

Why is Fox 11, 14, and 32

Why is Fox 11, 14, and 32 not working during the day??? Am I the only one with this problem?

everyone in neenah's picture

if you use an antenna to

if you use an antenna to watch tv and you live in the neenah area you cant get fox wluk they told me it was my antennas fault but i got 11-1 just fine before the big switch and as soon as they switched i get nothing and when i called the tech guy at wluk he tokd me too bad so sad goodbye now i cant watch the packers shouldnt that make fox guilty of breech of contract with the NFL? i wonder what they would think about fox not careing about its viewers ability to see the games and comercials

SeanM402's picture

I hate to tell you this but

I hate to tell you this but it is probably your antenna. Before the switch WLUK's digital signal was on a different tower broadcasting on 51 which is UHF. After the switch they moved the digital signal to the old analog tower on channel 11 with is VHF.

Anonymous's picture

I used to recieve ch 11

I used to recieve ch 11 perfect before the switch to digital. I have two houses, one in menasha and one in lakewood; I no longer can recieve ch 11 tv signal at either location. This really gripes me, especially when you carry the packer game.

sarah's picture

We are having issues getting

We are having issues getting Channel 11. Its been about a month and a half any we cant get your channel to come into any of your tv's. I believe it all stoped after a storm. Did u have some damage or something in the Silver Cliff area. Others around us can get it, its like we are in a dead zone. We really miss watching you news bradcasts and all your shows, help us fingure out the issue please.

Anonymous Helen Savord's picture

We were only able to get

We were only able to get cartoons on both channel 11 and channel 32. We wanted to watch the game. We called Dish with no luck. They said the issue was with channel 11 Why did we not get the world series baseball game on Sunday night???

Anonymous's picture

The World Series doesn't

The World Series doesn't start til Wednesday. There was no game 7 for the championship series. They were done by then. That's why cartoons.


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