Green Bay Press Gazette launching web video morning show February 11th

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Green Bay
This, I suppose, loosely qualifies as a TV story.

The Green Bay Press-Gazette is teasing the February 11th launch of a web video morning show / newscast called GB a.m., according to their newly-launched Twitter account.  Don't have a lot of details, but it looks like GBBG editor Amy Bailey is part of it, after posting a Twitter of herself in a dark studio in front of a flat screen TV.

I'm cautiously optimistic about what this turns out to be, assuming they don't put up some sort of ridiculous hurdle to viewing it like they do with their website paywall.  Seems the GBBG and Fox 11 are the only local media outlets doing some out-of-the-box media stuff.  GBBG has done, with varying levels of success, live webcasting and YouTube programming in the past, but it always looks rather cheaply done.  (Fox 11 has been doing a lot of locally-produced non-news programming with Living With Amy and The Better Half, and they put a lot of their segmented content out on YouTube, which is nice.)

From what I can gleen so far, this appears to be something that will be found on their website.  If it's only on their website, I figure this thing won't last all that long.  For one thing, morning TV or radio works because it's a fairly hands-off, "background noise" kind of thing for people starting their day.  I can't see anyone tethering themselves to their PC to watch an upstart morning show when the rest of local media is already saturated with options.  I think the key to this is going to be making it accessible on TV or mobile devices.  Being able to watch it on an iPad or streaming somehow on TV (YouTube, Roku app, etc) is crucial.  Otherwise there's no point in live-streaming it if most will be catching it on demand anyways, and no one's going to watch a morning show on demand (at least if it's not segmented and consumable like FOX 11's YouTube content is.)

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I guess GB A.M. isn't really

I guess GB A.M. isn't really the "morning show" or "newscast" I thought it was going to be. It isn't really anything more than a 90-second A/V table of contents for that day's paper. Kind of disappointing.


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