WIWB changing call letters, adding syndicated HD programming

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WLUK Vice President and General Manager Jay Zollar has made it official:  WIWB will change its call letters starting next week.

The new call letters, WCWF, will go into effect Monday, September 27th.  

Zollar explained the change:  "We have decided to change the call letters for a couple reasons. First, there is no WB network anymore, it is now the CW network. Secondly, we will be localizing the station more than it is today so we wanted to get away from "Wisconsin's CW" since it is really NE Wisconsin's CW affiliate. So we wanted to drop the WIWB. Our new call letters reflect the branding position of CW14, thus WCWF ("F" for fourteen)."

Also in store for the September 27th switchover is a significant HD upgrade to the station's programming.  As of that date, syndicated shows including Everybody Loves Raymond, How I Met Your Mother, and The Office will be available in high-definition.  The station's morning show, The Daily Buzz, is also pegged for HD.

WLUK already offers syndicated programming such as Seinfeld in HD, so the announcement signals a further integration of the two stations' master control operations.

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WIWB is available in HD? Who

WIWB is available in HD? Who knew? I catch the occasional Office rerun on that channel. Not sure I've ever watched anything else on it. Does the CW network even have any original programming?

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Any change is a good one for

Any change is a good one for that station. I can't say I'll watch it any more, but it's not possible for me to watch it any less. Occasionally, they'll have a decent movie.

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I have not been able to get

I have not been able to get 14 for some time now. I will have to try adjusting the antenna tonight to see if I can pull it in.

I am glad this station is getting some attention and going through what appear to be upgrades.


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