Time Warner legal posting full of curiousities, possible digital and HD additions

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If you're a Time Warner Cable customer who waits, salivating, for anything new, you've really gotta start watching their legal notifications page.

This month, it's chocked full of curiousities.

The legal notices are required by the FCC before cable companies change services, and are also printed in the Green Bay Press-Gazette.  Most of them are pretty bare, but this month is packed full of notable items.

There are hints at upcoming HD channel additions, with a few networks named that have been heavily-requested around this site.  The page reads in one section:

The new services listed below cannot be accessed on CableCARD-equipped Unidirectional Digital Cable Products purchased at retail without additional, two-way capable equipment:
MGM HD, FX HD, LMN HD, Weather HD, Cinemax HD, Starz HD, Versus HD, Golf HD, USA HD, Sci-Fi HD, Bravo HD, CNBC HD, Travel HD, Speed HD, Planet Green HD, Sprout, Familia, Inspiration Life, Gospel Music, Nick Too, NHL Network, CBS C.

MGM HD has already been added, but the 14 channels highlighted above have not yet debuted on Time Warner's Northeast Wisconsin lineup.  FX, Weather Channel, USA, Sci-Fi and Speed are among the most requested HD channels, and their addition would bolster Time Warner's lagging HD lineup until more channels come online.  Again, this is unconfirmed and there is no indication of a possible launch date, but considering they must give 30 days notice of service changes, it is possible these channels could arrive next month.

The hints at USA, Sci-Fi, Bravo and CNBC HD channels is surprising, as another part of the legal notification hints that Time Warner still hasn't worked out a deal with NBC Universal.  Time Warner had previously added USA HD during the Olympic games this summer, but was required to remove it.  Viacom, which offers Comedy Central, MTV and other channels is coming up for renegotiations again soon.

Also mentioned as a future addition is the MLB Network, which joins the digital lineup January 1st.  No word on an HD version.

In local retransmission news, the legal notice also states that Journal Communications, which operates WGBA and WACY, and Young Broadcasting, parent of WBAY, are nearing their contract expirations.  There are no indications on whether either company will seek retransmission cash as WLUK parent LIN Television previously saught.  The release also states that WWAZ in Fond Du Lac is nearing contract expiration, which is odd because they have been absent from Time Warner's lineup for some time.  Parent company Pappas Telecasting has been embroiled in bankruptcy sales of 10 other stations, so the status of a possible return of WWAZ seems up in the air.


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I never understood why TWC

I never understood why TWC never tries to provide better communication regarding upcoming channels. We shouldn't have to read legal notices, they should be able to let us know that they have plans to add some upcoming channels, even if it is tentative. It's not like its bad news.

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Probably because instead of

Probably because instead of having 100 people complain about TWC not having as many HDTV channels as other carriers, you would have 1000 people complaining that TWC said they would get a channel and then it would not happen.

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I suppose that is the

I suppose that is the reality, however it can't be helping TWC to keep their viewers in a "status quo" mentality. Especially when you see how far behind they are in the HD "race". I haven't seen or heard anything to make me think TWC will be offering more HD channels.

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When they add exceptional,

When they add exceptional, high-caliber HD channels such as WIWB, why would we want more? Maybe they can toss in shopping channels, too ! It's really doubtful that the aforementioned channels in the legal posting will be appearing anytime soon. Just another example of " less for more " from the "Home of the FREE HD '


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