Time Warner Cable creatively bypassing WLUK for World Series [UPDATE 1]

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Time Warner Cable World Series logos

Missing the World Series during the WLUK blackout on Time Warner Cable?

How's your Spanish?

The Northeast Wisconsin division of Time Warner Cable is using a creative "end-around" to bring their customers the World Series -- FOX Sports en Español.  According to their website, tonight's first game of the World Series is available on digital channel 70 on FOX Sports en Español to all digital cable customers.  They encourage customers to then tune in the radio broadcast on WDUZ (AM 1400) to hear play-by-play in English.

The website also states that, while a digital set-top box is required for Game 1, they are working on making Game 2 available to both digital and standard customers.

In a press release, Time Warner Cable says the channel will be available on channel 70 through November 21st.

{UPDATE 1 10/23/08 3:25 PM -- Time Warner Cable just issued a press release stating that channel 70 is now available to all standard customers, as well as digital customers, for the remainder of the World Series and through November 21st.]

Thanks to Rust for sending in this tip.

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Hehe...that's pretty

Hehe...that's pretty creative...I've watched boxing that way before (some fights that were on HBO used to also be shown on one of the spanish language stations)...shame they can't bring Packer games to people the same way...personally (when I had TWC) I was still using an antenna for any sports on WLUK due to that being the only way I could watch them in HD.

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Haha, I've actually been

Haha, I've actually been checking in on the game on channel 831, which I now see is the same thing. I noticed it earlier tonight and it's actually been fine. All I want to do is check on the game every now and then and watch a pitch or two. I do have an antenna and get great OTA quality, but this is quite easier.

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Tampa Bay Rays look better

Tampa Bay Rays look better in HD ;-) I will stick with my antenna for this one.... this is a cleaver idea on TWC's part but how many people wanna watch TV and have the radio on in the background?


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Of course Time Warner isn't

Of course Time Warner isn't going to suggest this because they want you to watch their channels, but there is an even simpler solution to watching WLUK. As some of you have mentioned, hooking up an antenna will solve the problem. It's actually the best way to watch the network channels, not just WLUK. Picture quality is generally a little better (less compression), and subchannels are available.

As for the World Series on the spanish channel with the radio on, that's more of a hassle than it needs to be. Also, there have been times I've attempted this, and there is sometimes a delay in either the video on TV or the audio on the radio.

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I think it was mainly a

I think it was mainly a target for people that were having problems getting a clear picture with and antenna. Like myself if I didnt have the old Voom box hooked up to my tv for hd/digitalsignal my analog signal comes in real grainy. I dont have an antenna on top of my house. Also there are people who live in the TWC footprint that do not get Fox OTA with an antenna ex. Marinette and Menominee

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I opted to call AT&T and get

I opted to call AT&T and get their package so I can see Big Ten Network and WLUK. They were extremely pushy and she couldn't give me a specific day or time when installation could occur. Can you get this "antenna" at Best Buy or Circuit City or even the hardware store? How do you hook this up? Trying to get up on my roof is a feat for a firefighter.

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You may be able to find the

You may be able to find the antenna you need in your basement because any antenna will work (assuming you are within range of the tower). If you have a TV with 2 jacks (1 for cable, 1 for antenna) then you can just plug the antenna into the appropriate spot on the TV. If you only have one jack, then you will need and A/B switch to go between cable and antenna. Either way, once you are plugged in, have the TV do a channel search and the over the air channels should appear.

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Maybe the SAP on the Spanish

Maybe the SAP on the Spanish Channel is English?! Wouldn't that be nice.

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The game looked great on Fox

The game looked great on Fox 11 OTA...

Anonymous's picture

I thought the picture was

I thought the picture was kinda fuzzy for HD. It wasn't good HD like ESPN and TBS have had for games.

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me do not understand

me do not understand espan-ol


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