WFRV becomes first Green Bay broadcaster to expand HD presence

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Green Bay CBS affiliate WFRV was the first broadcaster to go digital in the area in 2003.  Last week, WFRV marked another first in Green Bay, kicking off an expansion of its HD presence.

The station and its sister station WJMN, now owned by Liberty Media, recently finished converting its master control facility to accomidate high-definition in-house. 

Most often, most local broadcasters only pass live network programming directly to consumers while passing standard-definition local and syndicated programming at all other times.  Most stations have been reluctant to invest in the necessary equipment to record and play back syndicated programs like Oprah and Entertainment Tonight in high definition, even though some shows have been available to locals in HD for a couple years now.

With the upgrade, WFRV began offering Oprah in high-definition last week, with ET, The Price Is Right (the daytime version), and Ellen joining the HD lineup this week.  These shows are also available in high-definition on WJMN.

Also part of the expansion is the high-definition "character generator," the device that produces on-screen crawls and graphics.  WFRV has already started offering a widescreen ticker on its morning show.

No word yet on other HD plans in the works, but the milestone is an important first step into local HD in the Green Bay market.

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Wow, Kudos to WFRV for

Wow, Kudos to WFRV for taking these steps in providing us with HD content! This is a monster step for the area in local HD. Nice to see a local station being PROACTIVE to bring viewers in. ::cough cough WLUK::

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Good news. I hate it when

Good news. I hate it when the locals switch to a local character crawl and it jumps out of HD to SD.

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WFRV was first to broadcast

WFRV was first to broadcast HD and they continue to be first with expanded HD.

I remember when large cities had COLOR cameras and Green Bay still had B&W, then as the cost came down Green Bay started to go with local COLOR of course the Post Crescent owned WLUK ABC affiliate at the time was the last to go COLOR.

But WLUK will be first with something else.............. charging us for their programing.

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I've noticed a dramatic

I've noticed a dramatic improvement in the clarity of the local programming on WFRV when viewed on their digital signal. Their news used to be a little "grainy", but now seems to come close to HD quality. Just my 2-cents. Thanks to WFRV for making the investment in this, hopefully the other stations will keep up with them and all of us viewers will enjoy the benefits.

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I have noticed that as well.

I have noticed that as well. I used to watch FOX11 news just for the "train wreck" factor, but I have to say WFRV has a very polished, high-quality news product these days. Can't wait until it goes HD! (here's hoping)


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